i feel loved when . . .

. . . i look around me and realize the unabashed beauty that God has created in this world. Breathtaking.

. . . my husband finds some new way to make me smile. It charms me every time. I love that he finds joy in that.

. . . one of my parents calls to share some small, sweet memory of my childhood that something from the day has triggered.

. . . one of my sisters sends me a text asking my opinion or offering some help on a request i’ve made.

. . . my brother tells me that i’m a good mom.

. . . i am quietly reminded of all of God’s gifts in my life.

. . . my husband’s arms wrap around me (perfect).

. . . a friend calls to tell me a funny story about her day. i love sharing those simple laughs.

. . . i get an afternoon to myself.

. . . food i’ve made is appreciated by others.

. . . Little W throws his arms around me for a hug or takes my hand.

. . . my husband says ‘Thank you’ – so good to feel appreciated!

. . . my mom calls me her baby.

. . . my sister tells me that i’m beautiful.

. . . a friend pays me a compliment.

. . . my husband’s first instinct upon waking is to snuggle with me.

. . . my priorities are recognized and affirmed.

. . . one of my kitties head-butts my hand for a petting.

. . . i get a few hours of uninterrupted girl time.

. . . my dad schedules a trip to come see me.

. . . i am understood.

. . . i am encouraged.

. . . i am told that i am loved.

When do you feel loved?

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