art of choosing

Ever have one of those awful days? The days where you just feel like a bubbling cesspool of bitterness? No? It’s just me? Well, then guess what? Today is that day for me.

BUT. (Thank goodness there’s a ‘but’ here, right?) i have learned the best antidote to this poison. You have to choose better.

So instead of drowning in the down, i want to pour myself out today. i am grateful for too many thing in my life to be frustrated, upset, disappointed, or angered by one or two little things.

So today, i’m making my list. Today is good because:

  • My heart and soul belong to a God who is always with me – no matter how low. Always holds me.  Always loves me. Always wants the best for me. i am not forsaken. Always. With. Me.
  • i have married the man who loves me like i always dreamed it could be . . . and he adores me . . . and he makes my heart skip . . . and it’s wonderful.
  • We are more than comfortable. It’s not that we don’t experience hard times. We absolutely do. But our needs are met. We are smart and resourceful and loved. We do not lack.
  • i have a job when many don’t.
  • i have a paid off car.
  • i have friends who hear me.
  • i get to see my family this weekend.
  • We have a beautiful home.
  • My husband is smart and kind and funny (and don’t tell him i think he’s funny . . . he’ll never believe you).
  • There is joy in every corner of my life . . . i only have to look for it.

Life is beautiful. i am grateful. May you all be joyful today.

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One Response to art of choosing

  1. jenn says:

    Thanks for this. I think we all need reminders sometimes.

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