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September Took the Tourists and Settled in for Good

The past few weeks have been so full. Full of life. Full of difficulty. Full of good. Full. There were a few weeks where my greatest wish was to dig a deep, deep hole and hide there. It was a … Continue reading

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Sweeter Than This

Love Katie. Love the song. We had a couple of her songs (though not this one) on our “wedding soundtrack” – Ten Out of Tenn was one of our first music experiences together as a dating couple. Excited to get … Continue reading

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Twelve years ago today . . .

i was a brave-faced (but quite terrified) freshman moving into a dorm room at Vanderbilt University. i had never visited campus, and i knew no one else in my class. Just typing those words makes me wonder how i ever … Continue reading

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There hasn’t been a weekend since since June (or perhaps our honeymoon?) that GW and i have been able to just be homebodies. There don’t appear to be any signs of slowing down either. This weekend is just the same … Continue reading

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art of choosing

Ever have one of those awful days? The days where you just feel like a bubbling cesspool of bitterness? No? It’s just me? Well, then guess what? Today is that day for me. BUT. (Thank goodness there’s a ‘but’ here, … Continue reading

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love is . . .

. . . a yearly, monthly, daily, hourly, constant choice. . . . putting someone else first. . . . letting someone else have the first bite . . . and the last. . . . needing to be kind … Continue reading

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i feel loved when . . .

. . . i look around me and realize the unabashed beauty that God has created in this world. Breathtaking. . . . my husband finds some new way to make me smile. It charms me every time. I love … Continue reading

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