And so it is . . .

i want to be:

A refuge for my husband

And instead, i find myself to be:

A confusion for my husband

Today can still be a good day.

Oh, God, please change my heart today.

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Ready? Set? Go!

Appropriately enough, I went for my first morning run in my new neighborhood this morning.

A couple of things you should know:

  • It was HOT. (Not as hot as it will get today, but wow.)
  • It was STICKY. (i could feel the humidity collecting in my palms after a block and a half – no joke.)
  • It’s July! (So none of this should be a surprise, i suppose.)

Overall though, it was very satisfying to get a run in before beginning my day. Gym time has been sporadic with all the big changes: moving, selling things, clearing out the house, travel, becoming a wife and a mom all in one fell swoop. GW and i are working to ammend that situation, however. Really proud of his sticking to his workout regimen too.

As made obvious by the title of the newly minted blog, we’ll be focusing on those two lovely activities that i hold so dear: eating (food in general) and running (among other physical activities – don’t get dirty, now! i heard your brain going there!). i’m sure that there will be plenty of other content as GW and i share the love of music, travel, and entertaining as well. Plus, there’s the little guy who provides endless entertainment.

Also, this switch to WordPress is an interesting one . . . it’s going to take some exploring to figure it out.

Glad you stopped by!

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